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Why You Need To Watch Daddy’s Home

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ill Ferrell hasn’t impressed me since Elf. I am sure he doesn’t stay awake thinking of ways to impress Ruth-Ellen, however never-the-less, I am impressed! I absolutely loved, loved, loved Daddy’s home and was glad to see Ferrell as producer of the movie. Here are my 5 top reasons why you need to watch it.

  1. The kids – Yes they are adorable, but more importantly, they are good actors. I hope to see them in future films
  2. The adults – Stupid, sexy and believable.  Will Ferrell brought sexy back when it came to being a dedicated dad, he is not an obvious choice but a sustainable one, which is always a good look.
  3. The Griff (ok his name is just Griff but I was on a role).  He was played by Hannibal Buress and was hilarious. I remember him in Bad Neighbour. And I am glad that he was on point with this role.
  4. The ‘I feel your pain’ scenes made me actually say oh and ah when there were some classic slapstick comedy scenes that remind me of the old school Laurel and Hardy, I Love Lucy era.
  5. The ‘spoiler alert’ final scenes – if  you go to watch this movie for one reason alone it has to be what happens at the dance, I haven’t seen moves like that in a long time.
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