Shaka Zulu restaurant is it really worth it?

So about a year ago I went to a restaurant in Camden called Shaka Zulu (aptly name after the great African King). Shaka Zulu was the first restaurant to give me the experience of eating Crocodile. I literally ate Crocodile but perhaps eating Crocodile is an analogy we can all use to get out of our comfort zone.

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Anyway…today I saw a Groupon deal for Shaka Zulu and couldn’t resist booking again. So I thought I would share the love and give you some insight into my experience at Shaka Zulu the first time.

What food can you eat at Shaka Zulu?

Game! You can eat game (not the rapper, that’s just weird…wild meat)! Let crocodile cigarsme break it down Zebra, Crocodile, Ostrich, Boar. I am not a foodie by any stretch of the imagination and I am quite a picky eater. It took me years to eat anyone’s cooking apart from my families (my very rational fear of non-hygienic practices and all that). Never the less I actually ate Crocodile…now I do tend to exaggerate but i am sure it was green inside the spring roll crocodile cigar. How was the Crocodile cigar? Well, it kind of tasted like chicken with mushy peas (I said I wasn’t a foodie). Crocodile isn’t my go to item menu when I go to restaurants so it wasn’t my main, but stepping out of my comfort zone always makes me feel alive. Besides if I was to choose peri-peri chicken wings (yes they do them too) when I had the opportunity, the choice of something more then I would have been foolish to not go for it.  choices Eleanor Roosevelt quote So I am glad I tried the Crocodile.

How friendly are Shaka Zulu staff?

We had kids with us, you can always measure the friendliness of a restaurant when you bring children as sometimes when you bring children to a restaurant it can get icy quick. For example, one  couple didn’t appreciate their romantic moments having a background noise of rampage rather than sweet nothings. I am not being paranoid on this occasion,  one particular staff member told us to keep the noise down as they have had some complaints.  Never-the-less other staff members accommodated us, even gave us a free dessert off the bill. Oh how I do love a freebie 😉

So how did Shaka Zulu look?

Shaka Zulu restaurant in Camden

Image courtesy of Shaka Zulu (I was too busy eating to take pictures)

Shaka Zulu has some freaking awesome visuals.  In fact, this is probably the most visually appealing restaurant I have come across, challenge my thought process and show me another, go on… It has the most captivating interior design I have ever seen. Even the toilets will impress you (yes I went there figurately and literally).  Out of everything, this is probably the stand out part of the experience of Shaka Zulu

How much does Shaka Zulu cost?

Well, I went with my two little big people, my god-children, my best friend plus 7 others for a birthday celebration. The bill had some zero’s on as you could imagine. About £50 per head at a minimum. Luckily Groupon has an offer.

Have you been to Shaka Zulu? Do you want to go? Well,  I noticed a Groupon deal for Shaka Zulu at £24. Maybe I will see you there, although I won’t bringing any young people as this mum wants to geek out at the exquisite ambience without being rushed!



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