How to Set & Achieve Any Course
Set & Achieve Any Goal

SET & ACHIEVE ANY GOAL [12-minute Video Course]

My super easy 4 step goal setting and achieving process video course will help you set and achieve any goal easily. Get 3 months of Skillshare for $0.99 & access 1000's of courses when join as a student

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Hi, I am Ruth-Ellen.  I believe we stay persistent to achieve our goals, because we have a dream. A dream that will help us to be more, do more and see more. But how can we stay loyal to our dream when nothing seems to stay loyal to us?In a world which sucks our attention, our motivation and our energy, isn't it easier to just give in? Yes it is. Yes it is so much easier!

That is why our personal development, has to be so personal to us that it makes us feel giddy just thinking about it.I am a believer in constant improvement. My personality profile (INTP-T) actually backs this belief up.

I had goals & didn't have a clue where to start

I didn't have any knowledge about SASS yet sold over £115m in 2 years working for a corporate. I didn't know how to code, but have created over 50 sites in 2 years and have published an app on the play store. I didn't know how to public speak but over 3 years at my public speaking club I became president. In that time I delivered over 20 speeches and performed in front of over thousands of people.  I'm a mum, have two teenagers, one  with a learning difference called Autism and I am dyspraxic & dyslexic, as well as battle with bouts of anxiety and depression, I know how challenging life can be. If I can overcome challenges, then I believe you can too.

Do you want to achieve your goals?

Do you want to know how to set and achieve any goal? Do you want to stay focused?If you subscribe, I will share my highs and lows, my achievements my learnings. Come join me and learn how to growth engineer your life!I can help you to create scary goals. Goals that make you want to shake me and say snap out of lala land. But I achieve my goals and I believe you can achieve yours too.

Howdy, me again...if you have challenges with completing your goals. Goals are supposed to challenge , so it  can feel overwhelming from time to time. My name is Ruth-Ellen and you can read  why I am so obsessed with term growth engineering here.


My weekly emails will show you how to… 

1. Stay motivated in the mist of sensory overload so you have the energy to follow through on things that matter to you

2. Stop coping and start excelling, why do people go on about coping strategies? We were not born to cope. Get some purposeful strategies that help you see significant milestones in different areas of your life

3. Garner more self-compassion for yourself. What you have to go through can be tough, I speak from experience. But together we can share our successes and celebrate how awesome you are. N.B. I use the word awesome a lot.

Fitness & Health

My weight has always been sporadic until I made a choice to stop focusing on my weight and focus on my overall health. So I share some of the strategies that have worked for me & my family


Doing what you love can be a real challenge when your brain works at the pace of speedy Gonzales (old Looney Toones carton).  So I share some of my hobbies, maybe I can inspire you to share yours?


When I was lost in the "wilderness" I found connecting to my higher self-beneficial to my well being – here are some of my favourite insights: