12 easy ways to improve public speaking as an introvert

public speaking for introvert

When I am delivering public speaking (with my introvert tendancies) in front of a large audience I do not find it a problem, most of the time it is a joy. Having to speak to 2 people in a small group and concentrate on different topics, know how to exit a conversation with grace… a big problem for me. So as an introvert I avoid networking events where I am not speaking to a mass audience and I am not a massive fan of parties unless I have my friend Rose (the wine) with me. Yes, I am unsociable at times. But I have delivered over 30 presentations in 2 years and closed business deals in the millions. So what is the deal? Below I outline actors, powerpoint tweaks and technology which all help me to deliver time and time again.

Watching Actors Can Help You Improve Your Public Speaking

Actors are mesmerising, captivating, they are award-winning son of a guns. We watch them, talk about them, follow them, retweet the,…now it’s time to find your inner Hopkins, Davis, Fassbender or Washington for improving your public speaking!

1. Use the power of DICTION to improve public speaking

Watch the 1997 movie The Edge – Featuring one of the most exquisite British actors Anthony Hopkins. His diction and articulation is unmatched. Here is a quick mini tip, practice tongue twisters, like those below.

  • You know New York, you need New York, you know you need unique New York. (Repeat).
  • Red leather, yellow leather. (Repeat).
  • While we were walking, we were watching window washers wash Washington’s windows with warm washing water.

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow - The Edge (Anthony Hopkins) Click To Tweet

2. Use the power of the PAUSE to improve public speaking

Watch any movie with Michael Fassbender in it. Choose from X-Men, Shame, to Inglourious Basterds, even Macbeth was on point. Fassbender is easily my favourite actor, this man knows the power of the pause.

3. Know Your AUDIENCE to improve your public speaking delivery

Viola Davis character Annalise in How To Get Away With Murder(HTGAWM) always knows how to get through to her audience. Whether that be in a court room or covering up a murder, or even convincing people to shoot her. Viola Davis you are the best actress I know. Watch HTGAWM, The Help or the upcoming Suicide Squad. You will not be disappointed.

4. Use PACE To improve your public speaking delivery

Denzel Washington uses pace to great effect when making an impact, I salute you sir.

“You have to grab moments when they happen. I like to improvise and ad lib.” – Denzel Washington Click To Tweet

Using Powerpoint to deliver an impactful presentation needn’t be long winded

Now powerpoint isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us may have heard the term “death by powerpoint”. However a good worker never blames his tool, so here are a few thing to improve your powerpoint presentations.

5. Powerpoint tip #1 – Once you go black you never go back

When presenting using powerpoint use a black background. Not only will you be saving your audience eyes from the ever popular white bright light but it also helps your point stand out and be more inclusive. You see black text on white background can be absolute murder for the 1 in 10 people in the room that have dyslexia.

6. Powerpoint tip #2 – Be Succinct

Create a maximum of four points per slide with the points being anchor for you to recall information, not to read off verbatim.

7. Powerpoint tip #3 – Use Sans Serif, Bold & White Text

Clear font’s help people to read your presentation points. Fancy fonts hurt people’s eyes.

8. Powerpoint tip #4 – Create Step by Step Items

Use a clicker function so that each item appears one by one. A magician never reveals all of show at once, so why should you?


Embracing Technology Will Improve Your Public Speaking Delivery

9. Public Speaking feedback tool – Goreact

If you want feedback, coaching and critique of videos then this application will do you proud

10. Public Speaking video animation tool – Powtoon

Develop animated videos for websites, products demos. Even podcasts…the sky is the limit!In the famous words of Blue Peter, here is one I made earlier…

11. Public Speaking Graphic Design tool- Canva

The most user friendly, easiest tool to use when it comes to graphic design. Check out my header, it was made in Canva in 2 minutes flat.

12. Post public speaking delivery sharing tool – Slideshare

Just because your presentation is delivered doesn’t mean it finished with. Share your knowledge with the world, they appreciate it and it is such a great way to leave a legacy.

Dealing with public speaking anxiety

Remember you have a message to deliver to the world, at times you may deal with doubt, like everyone does. So here is a parting video to help you keep momentum and reduce anxiety!

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