The P in Public Speaking Should Stand For Passion

Listeners don’t take action without first having a visual. So think of there thoughts being stored as an image, instead of a word.

When your story has an image it should make an impact. That impact impact can be likened to when you highlight text in a book or book mark some information that resonated with you.

Impact  = Connection + Storage + Access Later

Everyone likes a underdog story, but do you know why?

Your audience learn so much more from your mess when you can turn it into a message. When you are the one who is learning a lesson, being vulnerable, it has far more impact. That is why Kubo and the Two Strings did so well  in the cinema. Kubo learnt so much on his journey, which made it easy to relate to him. It’s the same reason people was cheering for Batman in Batman vs Superman, let’s face it we don’t like perfect we like the story of I messed up, but this is what I learnt.

Craft a good script and a good delivery – Don’t wing it, mind map it! Every gesture, pause, voice inflection, has the same power as every word, use the force!

Include emotions. I learnt a great NLP trick. describe the feelings, what you are hearing, seeing, smelling. The emotions form part of your experience. Facts are irrelevant, let people connect with your story through emotions.

Do,  there is no try – talk about a specific moment in time when something happened and how it affected you emotionally

Less is more – Make your story tight, each word serving a purpose. Each word should fight to get even a second in your story

Relive it again and win your Oscar baby. Channel your Denzel Washington and act like you’re telling your friend a story

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Ruth henry-ovid

As a dyspraxic, dyslexic and unofficial autistic woman I find ways to better improve my life and others who make a choice to improve their lives as well. Certified inbound marketer, coach and public speaker. Founder of @tryxavietime and @celebratedhub an avid fan of all things that help people and businesses grow!

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