Glitch – Storytelling Project #2

the glitch speech

In my true dyspraxic style I  wasn’t really sure where to start with this project so I procrastinated, until the last minute. So much so that I wrote and practised my speech 3 hours before the meeting 🙁


The mindmap: I find mindmapping with trigger phrases more helpful then one words, but that is just my preference, either way it helped me deliver the speech with no notes. Plus I only glanced at this once during my speech.


The speech (not verbatim):

Have you ever heard of the quote – “Don’t let someone else’s opinion about you become your reality”

Toastmasters, fellow Toastmasters, most welcome guests.


Last night I delivered my first speech as president of my toastmasters club about my personal experience with dyspraxia called the Glitch. My Inspiration came from the Disney movie Wreck it Ralph and this Les Brown quote ” Don’t let someone’s opinion of you become your reality”. I enjoyed delivering my 8 minute speech and so did the audience (based on my 20 plus positive feedback slips). It’s taken my 3 years to get confident and really enjoy public speaking. But I really do have fun in each meeting and the people in the club are my friends. Being a dyspraxic friendship can be challenging so I am grateful that I made the choice to improve my public speaking skills. I have 12 tips that may help you over on featuring Anthony Hopkins, Denzel Washington, Viola Davis and Powerpoint. I hope you find it useful. Sending positive energy to all of you! #toastmasters #dyspraxia #dyspraxic #fun #love #followme #friends ?

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The feedback:

Guests and fellow toastmasters give their anaymous feedback about what they liked about my speech and how they thought I could improve it next time I deliver a speech. As a dyspraxic, introvert…receiving feedback will be a challenge (it’s that whole wanting to nail it, competitive nature).


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As a dyspraxic, dyslexic and unofficial autistic woman I find ways to better improve my life and others who make a choice to improve their lives as well. Certified inbound marketer, coach and public speaker. Founder of @tryxavietime and @celebratedhub an avid fan of all things that help people and businesses grow!

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