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Change Your Frequency

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]pen your mind and listen to Christie Marie Sheldon talk about changing your frequency to allow more abundance in your life.

Do you remember this chart from the video? Well I am guessing if you are anything like me you want to reach enlightenment stage too 🙂


Below are my easy suggestions on what you can do this week to also change your frequency into your reality (choose at least 1):

  1. Write your Eulogy – paragraph of how you want to be talked about by your loved ones and start living that life.
  2. Take an action – Book on a course/class to take your hobby to another level
  3. You can’t live by other people’s compliments because if you live for their compliments you can die by criticism – Start a resilience jar.  Have a give, receive and protect jar for your happiness – hobbies £1 in the jar or a thank note for gratitude

Live to Love







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