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5 Love Languages

By Ruth henry-ovid / January 5, 2016

You never know when the unexpected is going to happen, but when it does happen, you’re surrounded by chaos. Being prepared for the worst case scenario can at least make things a whole lot less chaotic.


How a powerful results driven headline can improve your life

By Ruth henry-ovid / January 5, 2016

Recently I have been doing some research on headlines and content. I was wondering, what makes one piece of content more clickable than another? What makes people read an article to the end? From this research, I found some fascinating facts (well fascinating to me anyway). Did you know that people only read 30% of […]


What The Movie About Time Can Teach Us About Our Life Priorities

By Ruth henry-ovid / January 5, 2016

Depression comes because we have worry about the past, anxiety because we worry about the future. But the present, the present gives us peace. Today I watched the movie About Time with Rachel McAdams, I truly love this actress she is just so watchable, believable and warm.  The poignant quote I took from this movie […]

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