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How can I overcome my fear of public speaking?

By Ruth henry-ovid / October 18, 2016

Honestly I don’t know. Wait… I am being honest.Here is the thing,  what works for me or Bob (sorry Bob for mentioning your name again), may not work for you. I tend to believe competency breed confidence which in turn eradicates fear. So in plain english…the more it becomes a habit the less scary it […]


The P in Public Speaking Should Stand For Passion

By Ruth henry-ovid / October 5, 2016

Listeners don’t take action without first having a visual. So think of there thoughts being stored as an image, instead of a word. When your story has an image it should make an impact. That impact impact can be likened to when you highlight text in a book or book mark some information that resonated […]


What to do when you feel broken? – Advice From Lisa Nichols

By Ruth henry-ovid / October 3, 2016

Lisa Nichols is no doubt a transformational coach, her words move and lift people and this talk is no different. Here are my key takeaways from Lisa’s talk, I also added my own insight #1 Step into your truth You are where you are, but that doesn’t mean you are destined to be there. You […]


12 easy ways to improve public speaking as an introvert

By Ruth henry-ovid / May 24, 2016

When I am delivering public speaking (with my introvert tendancies) in front of a large audience I do not find it a problem, most of the time it is a joy. Having to speak to 2 people in a small group and concentrate on different topics, know how to exit a conversation with grace… a […]


The Robust Development Nfl Team-The Indianapolis Colts

By Ruth henry-ovid / March 17, 2014

See, most football speed is built-in the weightroom. How strong you are determines how fast you are. All the sprints in exciting world of will not make you cheap nfl jerseys faster should you not strengthen the muscles produce the necessary force basically get adidas soccer jersey customization soccer faster for snowboarding. european auto wholesalers […]