Alessia Cara – Here

As an ambivert (someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion),  I can relate to this Alessia Cara – Here track.  “Here” is unapologetically autobiographical: “‘Here’ is a true story,” Alessia confesses. “It’s a party song, but really it’s the complete opposite of a party song. It’s absolutely me; it shouts out the person in the corner of the party, looking around uncomfortably. I feel like this song narrates what the wallflower is thinking.” I am not sure if Alessia Cara’s Here track speaks volumes about how I feel because of my dyspraxia or just because I am an ambivert, who knows..great track either way!

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Ruth henry-ovid

As a dyspraxic, dyslexic and unofficial autistic woman I find ways to better improve my life and others who make a choice to improve their lives as well. Certified inbound marketer, coach and public speaker. Founder of @tryxavietime and @celebratedhub an avid fan of all things that help people and businesses grow!

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