7 Things Burlesque Classes Taught Me About Confidence

7 Things Burlesque Classes Taught Me About Confidence

Depsite popular belief dyspraxia and dance actually go together, because through dance you can improve gross motor skills (large movements) which is one of the challenges with dyspraxia.  Gross motor skills are important and despite the stereotype that dyspraxics lack coordination I had plenty.   I already go gym three times a week but wanted something different as gym can be quite isolating (especially as 6am gym classes clash with my schedule for the school run prep).

In all honesty I did have some wild preconceived expectations of the transformation that I would go through by the time I finished my Burlesque classes. I did level 1 into and level 2 because I wanted to gain the confidence that had been stripped away like paint stripper over the years because of my unknown dyspraxia and dyslexia.  Confidence that I was in awe of when I watched the movie Burlesque with Cher & Christina Aguilera (one of my guilty pleasure movies).  So I thought I would try out Burlesque and so far I have learnt so much (minus the video above lol).  I added burlesque to my life list of things to do and booked a course and pursued Burlesque wholeheartedly.   What follows are the 7 things burlesque classes taught me about confidence, that has helped with my dyspraxia.



  1. Sexy doesn’t belong to people that are given the label by the masses. The term sexy if for those who dare to wear the label without it being handed to them, it’s in your attitude and affect’s your altitude.
  2. Confidence is not something you have, it is something you generate. You make a decision to be confident and to quieten those niggling little voice that tell you to sit down and not to make a fool of yourself by just being.
  3. The more you come out of your comfort zone the more you start challenging yourself and that is where your real confidence lies.
  4. You need to find your theme music that plays while you walk, it’s ok to dance wherever you are and laugh at yourself.
  5. Showing up and being present is half of the battle when it comes to being confident.
  6. Laughing at yourself is real confidence. I now know nipple tassles are no big deal & so do 40 fellow ladies, if anything it is liberating.
  7. The clothes don’t maketh the lady. The lady maketh the clothes. Whether you are doning a burlesque outfit, a onesie or sweatpants it doesn’t matter. Point is, you wear the clothes, you wear it well 🙂


So there are the 7 Things Burlesque Classes Taught Me About dyspraxia and confidence. What is on your learning list to help with your challenges, whether that is dyspraxia or anything you want to growth hack?

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