Fix Your Crown!

Hey my name is Ruth-Ellen I see you over there, trying to hide your crown trying to blend in.

Queen, you wasn't born to be like everyone else, you know it, I know it. When you work with me you will realise I am that coach, mentor, consultant that works a lil bit like a rebel, because there are no rules.

When you start working with me... I tell you exactly: 

* What stories you are holding onto that you were never supposed to play a lead in

* What daily activities will make your business less boring, more profitable & fun

* What strategies align with you so you work in flow

And most importantly… what energy you need to generate in order to manifest your desire to become that 6 Figure or something better limitless earner.

My mission, my purpose, my intention is to equip you with the tools to build your abundant business. If you've ever felt like you're not living your true authentic self, not running your business in flow and you're constantly seeing resistance, then apply to work with me, let's begin your journey to fixing your crown so you work in alignment and claim your abundance!

You ready to fix that crown?

This Is How I Can Serve You...

Abundance Is Your BirthRight

Claim it & Start Really Living!

What People Say

What people have said about me...

son has autism


This was the first time I have been able to attend. It was definitely inspiring. I am looking forward to the next event!
son has autism


Ruth-Ellen you know so much great insight, I don't know how you do it, but I couldn't stop writing. Thanks so much, you don't know how much time this will save me
son has autism


Music Tutor
I wish I met you 15 years ago, I would be so much further, thank you so much for your coaching session I can't wait to put this in action